How to Remove Impossible Stains From Carpet or Upholstery

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Carpet creates a cozy environment, and generally, you will find it in your living room and bedrooms. While it is a great feature that is soft on your feet, the biggest problem with having carpet in your home is the risk of having an unsightly stain.

Juice, coffee, tea, nail polish remover, Play-Doh, markers and a million other things in your home are a threat to your clean floors. As professional housekeepers, we encounter carpet stains on a regular basis, so we’ve assembled this quick guide for tackling these pesky stains quickly and effortlessly.

But first, Always be on the Offense

Preventing carpet stains may seem easy, but if you have pets or children, it’s harder than you’d think. Constant fear of spilled drinks and muddy shoes can make keeping your floors pristine seem impossible, but a couple of small tweaks to your habits and household rules can make a big difference.

Start by limiting the amount of food and drinks in carpeted areas. If this isn't practical, invest in a few rugs to place under tables and around the spots you eat. Spill-proof drinks as much as possible; it's not a guarantee, but every little bit helps. So keep lids on the kids cups and don’t let your beverages hang out near the edge of the tables.

It’s also not uncommon for homeowners to request guests to remove their shoes at the front door. Don’t feel bad for telling visitors to be cautious about bringing in dirt and mud. Make it convenient for guests to store their shoes by the door by providing a shoe rack or storage bins. Besides, you want them to experience your luxurious carpeting.

Here’s Our Strategies for Removing the Toughest Stains

It’s important to note that the best way to remove stubborn stains from the carpet is to act fast. Once the mess happens, get to work on cleaning it up, but your removal strategy will vary depending on the type of stain.


Instead of cleaning immediately, be sure dirt and mud are dry before removing the stain. Once dry, lift as much out of the carpet and vacuum any excess. Apply a solution of dish soap and hydrogen peroxide and let sit for one minute. Once settled, apply water and soak the stain away with a cloth or paper towel. Repeat if necessary.

Juice/ Wine

Kool-Aid, tomato juice, red wine or other types of synthetic red stains are difficult, but not impossible to remove.Club soda will typically do the trick.
Start by blotting (not scrubbing) up the liquid. A little cool water will help dilute it and make it easier to extract. Add some baking soda or salt to the area to aid in the absorption of the red wine. Finally, vacuum the stain and repeat the process until it’s gone.


Baking soda is key for fat-based stains. Sprinkle on the stain and let it sit for approximately 5 hours. Afterward, use rubbing alcohol to blot the stain.

Coffee/ Tea

A mixture of dish soap, vinegar, and water works for dark stains. Apply the mixture, let it sit for one minute, then apply water to scrub it away.


Glitter is the gift that just keeps giving. The moment you think you’ve finally picked up every little speck more appear from seemingly nowhere.

First, vacuum slowly and repeatedly over the surface. Next, grab a lint roller and use it to pull more out of the fibers. Finally, use a damp paper towel to blot out anything remaining. Unless you want glitter to plague your house again, it might be wise to empty the vacuum outdoors.


Nail Polish or Ink

Most importantly, keep the area damp with water. Apply a soft cloth and begin blotting the stain. Use rubbing alcohol or hairspray to further help clean up the stain. Alcohol-based products act as a degreasing agent, effectively removing several ink stains.

Is your carpet white? No problem. Hydrogen Peroxide can help bleach the area. If the carpet is white, then hydrogen peroxide can help bleach the area. Once all the polish is removed, clean the area with mild soap or carpet shampoo, and press out the water.


Pet Stains

Clean up the mess by first soaking up as much of the urine as possible with a thick layer of paper towels. Use a deodorizer so your pet won’t go back to the area thinking it is the appropriate place because they can smell the previous accident.

Don’t use any strong chemicals, because your puppy or kitten might try to remark the area. Vacuum and let it dry. Avoid using steam cleaners because the heat will ingrain the stain and odor by bonding the protein to fibers.

Don’t Forget...

Treat fresh stains with a sense of urgency, and wipe away immediately after spills. Stains that set in carpet for longer periods of time are tougher to manage. Clean carpets is just one aspect of a clean and fresh home. If you find yourself falling further and further behind on your weekly chores, it never hurts to call in reinforcements.

At Custom Maid, you’ll know you’re hiring professionals who help you remove those impossible carpet and upholstery stains, and we’ll take other cumbersome chores off your to do list.

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