I am Tresha McCarty, owner and founder.

Custom Maid is a family-oriented business, so it would only be necessary for you to know about my wonderful kids and myself. I am a devoted mother, and my children are my life! My son, Cody, is a devoted cyclist and is currently in school for graphic design. My daughter, Shelby, is very dedicated to her studies currently doubling her workload for early graduation to achieve her goal early in becoming a doctor. 

I started my career path attending school planning to become a newborn nursery nurse, that changed when I started my family. When I returned to the working world, I was fortunate to be offered an office management position with a pharmacy at St. Johns.

In 2008, I made the decision to leave my office management job and start cleaning houses. The reason for the decision was to free up time so that I could be home more with my children. This is all thanks to a very special friend of mine, Dana W.. Without her and God blessing me with this opportunity, which I am very thankful for, this would not have been possible. Making this change was the best decision I have ever made!

With an extensive list of very loyal clients and endless inquiries from families and small businesses who needed their homes and offices cleaned, I decided to start my own cleaning service. During the process of starting Custom Maid, I furthered my education attending OSU Riata Center for Entrepreneurship.

The name of my business, Custom Maid, LLC, was chosen because I want each client to have a customized cleaning service that is tailored to meet their individual needs. While I am only in the first few years of business, the growth has exceeded my expectations, and I feel incredibly blessed!

My staff is amazing, they are 100% trustable, reliable, and very efficient. We are a TEAM, without them and the exceptional job that they do, the reputation of Custom Maid would not be what it is. (Quality over Quantity) All of my team members know that they are valued, appreciated and just as important as the client. I plan to continue expanding and hiring more team members.