6 Bed Styling Secrets From the Pros

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We all know we should make our beds. But, it’s often a task that goes out the window when our parents around to remind us anymore. Whether you’re in a rush to work or simply not a morning person, there’s a big reason you should implement this habit.

In a survey of 68,000 people, 71 percent of bed-makers reported higher levels of happiness and productivity. Crazy, right? While we admit, there’s nothing better than coming home to an organized space. For many of us, making a bed can be a nightmare. (We’ve all experienced those moments stuck inside a duvet cover trying to stuff a comforter inside.)  

Never fear, though. Our team at Custom Maid is here to help. In today’s blog, we’ll spill our best bed styling secrets and show you a foolproof way to make your bedroom look like a 5-star hotel.


Our Bed Styling Formula From the Pros

1.    Invest in linen or cotton.

When it comes to materials, always invest in linen or cotton. With natural fibers, you can stand at the end of the bed, give the sheet a flick and it settles beautifully. We recommend choosing a matching set of sheets, standard shams and a duvet color in a neutral palette – like white, ivory or gray. Next, try adding a solid-colored lightweight quilt or coverlet with coordinating European shams.


2.    Fluff out your duvet.

The right comforter instantly upgrades the look of your bedding, adding that extra fluff that makes you want to dive into the covers. Duvet covers are an easy way to switch up patterns and colors. Whether you prefer down or a synthetic blend, there’s a variety of comforter weights available ranging in warmth to choose from.

Tip: Having troubles getting your comforter to spread evenly into the duvet cover? Try using the burrito or “rolling” method. Click here to learn more.


3.    Change out your pillows.

Did you know that most pillows should be changed out every six months? New pillows can instantly freshen up the look of your room. Some pillow brands can keep you cool and ease neck pain as well depending on the material (memory foam is a common one). To achieve the luxury look you see in magazines, follow the “odd number rule” by mixing standard shams and Euro shams then finishing off the look with a lumbar pillow.


4.    Iron your sheets.

It may seem like an unnecessary step, but it really is magic. Whether you send them to the cleaners to be pressed or use starch at home, nothing’s better than a crisp bed. It feels luxurious but gives your bedroom the look of a high-end hotel.


5.    Practice nice folds.

To finish off the look, turn your top sheet back 12 to 14 inches over the coverlet to display its details. Next, fold your duvet in thirds in a Z pattern, placing it at the foot of the bed so it looks nice and fluffy during the day (but can be pulled up easily at nighttime).

We hope you enjoyed this bed styling tutorial from Custom Maid! For more tips and tricks, or to schedule a cleaning with our team, reach out to us today at (918) 376-4114.

Tresha McCarty