6 Benefits of Working for Custom Maid

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Do you want a job that leaves you satisfied at the end of the day? Do you want your work to feel meaningful and fun? You might think being a team member at Custom Maid is just cleaning homes, but it’s much more than just doing laundry and vacuuming floors.

With our cleaning services, we give parents that extra bit of time they need each week to dedicate to their kids instead of washing dishes. We help elders in our communities tackle those tough-to-reach places in their home that they just can’t quite do anymore. We even work with busy professionals who need every spare minute to make their career aspirations a reality.

We are a critical member of many families and businesses who depend on us to keep their homes orderly and clean during busy seasons or even just during big life events like moving to a new home or the birth of a new baby.

We do what we do because we know how much it matters to our clients that they have our cleaning services.

If that sounds like a mission you could get behind, here are six more benefits of choosing to work at Custom Maid.

Benefit #1: You’ll Experience a Family-Like Atmosphere

We strive to create our company based on family values. Custom Maid LLC was founded by a working mother, who wanted more for her family.

Our team is based on several core values. Each one of us implements and carry these values in all aspects of our work. We treat others as family and transfer these values to our company team members as well as our clients.


Benefit #2: Business is Booming, and Advancement Opportunities Abound

Our business has acquired a list of loyal clients, which continues to grow with the help of our devoted team. Whether someone needs a set of extra hands or are dependent on services such as the elderly, household help is irreplaceable and in extreme demand.

As companies start to expand, different career potentials become available. Custom Maid is rapidly growing with opportunities becoming possible in marketing, sales, management and operations.

Getting hired as a front-line employee in cleaning services puts you at an advantage for later advancement — responsibility and dedication when performing job duties to further these opportunities.


Benefit #3: We Create Custom Experiences for our Clients

Nothing we do is standardized.

We want our company to be tailored toward the individual client’s needs. Each client can choose a customized cleaning schedule to create a unique cleaning service. This would not be possible without our dedicated team members who love performing their job.

Our clients are happy with our efforts, which means they are happy with the work you’ll do for them too! 


Benefit #4: Every Day is a Little Different

As a cleaning technician, typical work duties vary based on our client’s needs and preferences. Some of these duties might include dusting, sweeping, laundry, dishes or household organization.

The demand for cleaning services can be as frequent as daily, weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly. Once you have created a relationship with your clients, friendships evolve to make work seem effortless and fun.


Benefit #5: We Offer Flexibility

Our small business cleaning services offer custodial duties for businesses, which might include after hour work opportunities. This creates flexibility for our team members who aren't able to work typical work week hours. These clients are generally reputable and provide a stable work flow to ensure adequate and long-lasting employment needs.


Benefit #6: You Receive a $100 Sign-On Bonus!

Custom Maid offers a $100 sign on bonus to show our gratitude towards new member dedication and loyalty.

New members can expect a steady work environment with trustworthy co-workers in a family atmosphere.

We invite you to join our growing team. The rewards are endless when finding a job path which you love and enjoy doing every day. 

Visit the careers section of our website to view our open positions as well as get a closer look at how to start the process of becoming a part of our team.

For all other questions, give us a call at (918) 376-4114 or stop by our office at:

7720 Owasso Expressway Suite 101

Owasso, OK 74055




Tresha McCarty