18 Cleaning Tips to Prepare Your Home for Spring

18 Cleaning Tips to Prepare Your Home for Spring.jpg

After a long and chilly winter, the sun is finally out and the Oklahoma wind has simmered down to a bearable breeze. With warm weather comes great responsibility, though. All that sunshine brings attention to your dirty gutters, sidewalks and chipped exterior paint. And shall we even mention the barren flowerbeds?

Spring cleaning travels beyond vacuuming and dusting. For example, when was the last time you changed the batteries on your smoke detector? To ensure you don’t miss a thing, our team at Custom Maid has created a checklist to help you work through your cleaning as fast and efficiently as possible.


Interior To-Do’s

1.    Refresh Bedding and Textiles

2.    Scrub Walls and Baseboards

3.    Wipe Down Cabinets and Drawers

4.    Disinfect Countertops

5.    Deep Clean Rugs and Carpets

6.    Vacuum and Mop Floors

7.    Dust Light Fixtures and Fans

8.    Dust Blinds and Windows

9.    Clean Faucets and Shower Heads

10. Replace Filters

11. Clean Out Dryer Vent

12. Test Smoke and CO2 Alarms


Outdoor To-Do’s

13. Clean Gutters

14. Wash Exterior Windows

15. Wipe Shutters and Window Frames

16. Clean Patio or Balcony Furniture

17. Power Wash Walkways

18. Touch Up Exterior Paint


A Task List Will Keep You On Track

Take a week to develop an in-depth task list. Walk through each room of your home and write down what needs to be done. Then, create a separate column and list the supplies and tools you’ll need. This ensures you have everything you’ll need to get started – plus, it’ll save you dozens of trips to the store.

Also, be sure and note any areas you’ll need to hire an expert. Some of the most common tasks you’ll need help with are chimney cleanings, carpet cleaning and air ducts.


An Organized Schedule Will Keep You Sane

A list serves as the starting line but a schedule will help you keep pace during spring cleaning. It’s easy to get overwhelmed when you need to clean your home from top to bottom.

Take your list a step further, scheduling couples areas to tackle each weekend. You’ll get a lot more done and still have time for errands and other activities.


Working From Top to Bottom Will Save You Time

Whenever you’re cleaning (dusting especially), the debris or particles are traveling downward through the air. Because of this, it’s important to clean from top to bottom to avoid having to re-clean surfaces later on.

Dust fixtures and cobwebs first, then work on your furniture next. From there, work on countertops and lastly tackle the floors.


Ready to Get Started?

The most headache free strategy for tackling spring cleaning is hiring out some help from our team at Custom Maid. Our maids are experienced and can make your home sparkle in a flash. Not only that, but they can help maintain your home on a weekly or biweekly basis to keep it looking pristine beyond spring.

To learn about the cleanings we offer or to book an appointment, reach out to us today at (918) 376-4114 for more details.

Tresha McCarty