6 Tips to Get the Most out of Your Commercial Cleaning

6 Tips to Get the Most out of Your Commercial Cleaning.jpg

A busy office with a large group of employees can quickly become a mess. With the hustle and bustle of everyday activities, some messes run the risk of not getting cleaned correctly — or being forgotten altogether. Fortunately, we offer commercial cleaning services to help your office maintain a professional look.

As a business owner or employee, you’re always looking for ways to streamline your work. Commercial cleaning is no exception. As you sift through the clutter and get into a routine, you’ll experience less stress and higher productivity levels.

To get the most out of your weekly cleanings, here’s how to involve your coworkers and/or employees in the routine. And, before you know it, all these tips will become second nature!


1. Decluttering

Decluttering the office is a huge step in the right direction. Papers piling high on your desk? Get out that handy shredder and follow the golden process: keep it, trash it, shred it or store elsewhere. If the mess is really bad, set a timer and have everyone work together in cleaning specific areas. Next, take a quick break (a Starbuck’s run is never a bad idea) and repeat the process.

After you’ve completed a few cycles, it’ll be much easier to maintain moving forward. While everyone focuses on upkeep with their personal space, the maid’s work won’t take as much time to complete.

Another thing to note, make sure you’re regularly sanitizing your keyboard, mouse and desk. According to the America Dietetic Association, the average desk has 400 times more bacteria than the average toilet seat. Gross, right?


2. Storing Documents

As we mentioned in the tip above, at a certain point, you’ll be left with “keep it” and “store elsewhere” piles. This task sounds pretty intimidating, but rest assured, it’s the key to keeping your office clean. Properly store your important documents away in filing cabinets or magazine holders. Hint: The Container Store is an office lover’s dream! You can also find these products at stores like Office Depot or Staples.

The goal, however, is to digitalize as many documents as you can. Not only does it take up less physical space, but it’s much more efficient — you can access these documents from anywhere!


3. Clearing Floors

On a daily basis, take time to pick large debris off the floor. Not only does this prevent trips and falls, but helps preserve the life of your flooring as well. A good sweep isn’t a bad idea either! Dirt, very similar to sandpaper, can wear away the finish of your flooring over time. The amount of upkeep will depend on how much traffic the rooms receive.


4. Cleaning Desk Areas

Take some time each week to dust the outside of your electronic equipment. We recommend using a dry cloth to remove any dirt or dust. However, do not use any liquids. For some added shine (without damaging your electronics), opt for disposable towelettes instead.


5. Organizing Common Spaces

Next, it’s time to move onto the more common areas — which can also be the most difficult. This is where delegation comes into play. The secret to a good commercial cleaning routine is developing a system and assigning shared responsibilities. Make sure to set the groundwork for the cleaning the space and be consistent.


6. Wiping Feet at the Door

This may seem like a given, but you’d be surprised! Ask coworkers to wipe their feet before entering. If someone’s shoes don’t appear dirty, there is always pebbles and bit that can be wiped off. An entryway rug is a great catch-all! And additionally, it’s super easy to clean (or swap out as you change office décor).


A Clean Business is a Money-Saver

When your workplace stays clean, you’ll experience a positive bounce in your step (and your bottom line). It’s much more cost-effective to bring in a professional cleaning company that way your employees aren’t redirecting that time away from their jobs.

By hiring a professional cleaning company for big jobs, you’ll reduce your downtime tremendously. Unless you’re wanting to invest in heavy equipment and specialty cleaning products, it’s good to leave these projects to professionals.

However, encouraging your staff to maintain a clean work area is a great way to turbo boost your results. By developing a consistent routine, these tips will become habitual and your office will always look pristine.To learn more about our commercial cleaning services, reach out to our team today at (918) 376-4114.

Tresha McCarty