11 Reasons A Cleaning Service is Worth It

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There are outstanding benefits to having a professional do the household work for you. The flexibility of specific packages makes it possible to have more control over how much and how often you want your house professionally cleaned. When it comes down to deciding whether or not to hire a cleaning service, there are plenty of reasons you will find the investment is worth it.

1.  Time is priceless.

Perhaps the most significant benefit of hiring a cleaning service is the extra time you gain. Once you spend time, you can never get it back. Rather than spending all your time managing household chores, you can do other tasks or activities that are more important to you.

If you're not cleaning, you could also take some much needed time to rest. Imagine, instead of cleaning your home on your day off, you could actually have a day off. Your time is valuable, and everyone deserves to relax while taking a break from responsibilities. Hiring a cleaning service pays for itself with the time it gives back to you.


2. Customization makes a cleaning plan that is worth it.

Cleaning services are worth it because you make it worth it. Talk with cleaning companies to determine what plan is best for you.

Perhaps you find some of your chores to be less of a hassle or even therapeutic. You might be happier with choosing a monthly deep cleaning rather than regular weekly cleaning. Most cleaning services offer flexible plans to fit your needs. Start a conversation with us at Custom Maid, and we can help you decide on a plan that is best for you and your home.


3. Expect expertise and professional equipment.

Face it, quality cleaning supplies are pricey, especially if you want the right equipment to go with them. Professional cleaning services are worth it because you will have access to industrial supplies or environmentally-friendly options. Cleaning technicians are also trained and experienced with advanced cleaning options.


4. Eliminate the cost of renovations.

Think of the all the places in your home that don't receive regular maintenance. When dirt and dust accumulate for long periods of time on hidden or hard to reach areas, it can be a cause for renovation. It leads to the need for sanding and refinishing, or in some cases total replacements.

Hire someone to focus on the places you might not think of, or let’s be honest, the places you don’t want to touch. It will save you money in the long run.


5. Cleaning services are worth it when you have a new baby.

Coming home from the hospital after having a baby is a beautiful experience complete with emotions and excitement. Moms need to heal after having a baby, and both parents are in awe of the tiny new family member. Taking care of a newborn comes with sleepless nights and major life adjustments. A cleaning service is invaluable when you have a baby because you can focus on finding a new life rhythm without feeling guilty for not doing dishes for several weeks at a time.


6. Injuries or risk of injury makes cleaning services valuable

Recent injuries or individuals who are injury prone make cleaning services incredibly valuable. The first thing your doctor will recommend after any injury is rest. If you are attempting to clean your home and struggling to accomplish even the bare minimum to keep your home clean, this isn't allowing you to focus on recovery. Leave the hassle of cleaning to someone else.

People with long-term disabilities or family caretakers of the disabled also deserve some help. You should be spending your time focused on what matters most, the health of you and your family.


7. Children are messy

Ask any parent and they will tell you about the constant battle of following a small child around with a broom and dustpan. Accidents happen, drinks get spilled, and doing crafts involving supplies such as paint can turn into a disaster. Cleaning services are worth it because cleaning technicians are trained to tackle the toughest stains your children can throw on the floor.

It isn't necessary to stress about housework during such a memorable time. Hiring a cleaning service will allow the chance to spend the quality time together you and your children deserve.


8. First Impressions and the holiday season

Holidays and special occasions bring visitors of all sorts to your home. There will be familiar faces and new visitors too. A clean home gives all your guests an added level of comfort. A cleaning service can do all the detailed work that you don't have time to complete.


9. A clean home tends to stay clean.

If your home is consistently dirty or cluttered, it's easier to keep adding to the problem. Really, who cares about a mountain of dirty clothes in the corner of the living room if it compliments the mountain of dishes in the sink?

It's easy to get overwhelmed and decide it's not worth dedicating any time to trying to get things back in order, but if your house stays in order, then it is easy to stay motivated.

It's no secret a clean home lightens moods and makes people feel more comfortable. Your family is bound to catch on eventually and begin to pick up after themselves.


10. Increase the value of a cleaning service with a pre-clean.

You can allow the professional to have more time to do what they do best, clean! Help them get to what’s needed faster by pre-cleaning and decluttering beforehand. They won't know where your belongings should go, so find a spot for the small items laying on floors or countertops such as bills and toys.

If you do the easy tasks, then they can focus on the hard tasks or the chores you just hate to do.


11. Know what to expect from reading reviews.

Finally, to know whether or not a cleaning service is worth it take time to read online reviews and testimonials. You'd be surprised how many people are not only impressed with the services they receive, but they also wished they would've called sooner.

At Custom Maid, we appreciate reviews from our clients like Kyle:

"We can't say enough about how wonderful our experience has been with Custom Maid! Not only did Tresha personally walk through our office before providing a quote, but she customized a very affordable and thorough plan. Not to mention, she has been very responsive anytime we have questions. We definitely recommend Custom Maid for all your cleaning needs." - Kyle

Online access to a wide range of information about professional services makes it a no-brainer to do your research before allowing strangers into your home. You have the power to access opinions from others who have already experienced their services. Reviews also give insight on specific questions and concerns you might want to ask before you sign up. This way, you will know what to expect and won’t be disappointed with the results.

Ready to see if cleaning services are worth it for your family? Call us today at 918.376.4114 for a quote.

Tresha McCarty