10 Hacks for Organizing Your Kitchen

Organizing the kitchen

Cutting down on clutter is an effective way to keep your home looking cleaner for longer. The kitchen is a busy room in the house especially if you have kids rummaging the place for after school snacks. Organizing your kitchen might seem like an impossible feat, but with the right tools you can clear out the clutter.


1. Four Ways to Use Tension Rods in the Kitchen

Are you tired of reaching to the back of the cabinet to find cleaning supplies and instead just making a mess? A tension rod is a great way to hang spray bottles inside the cabinet so they are always easy to find and put away.

Turn a tension rod vertical in a cabinet to create narrow slots to store baking pans without having to stack all of your cookie sheet and pie pans.

Use a small tension rod in your tupperware drawer to neatly separate the lids from the containers.

Install a tension rod in the back of your spice cabinet to elevate the smaller bottles of spices so you can see everything.


2. Cork Board Cabinets

Put cork board inside your cabinets to create the perfect surface to hang and pin. Use the surface too quickly find the right sized measuring cup or keep your favorite recipe easy to access.


3. Repurpose Office Supplies

Folder organizers are great for stacking pots and pans with no problems. Keep all of your kitchen cords organized with binder clips, or use them to hang frozen bags of food in the freezer from the tiny bars on the shelves. Use a paper sorter for baking sheetings.

Use a desk organizer to keep track of all those small kitchen items that like to get lost in the back of drawers. Magazine holders are great for holding awkward-shaped items together in the cabinet.

Hanging file organizers is also a great way to keep bags in the pantry organized rather than having them clutter up floor space.


4. Bins and Labels

Corral smaller like items into bins so they don’t make the cabinet feel stuffed. Take common items like rice, flour and sugar and store them in decorative and labeled bins to keep your space clear of folded bags of dried goods.  


5. Pull Out Pantries

Some kitchens have an awkward tiny but deep kitchen cabinet in a corner. Turn this space into a perfectly cute pull out pantry with sliders. Then you can use the entire space and not have the hassle of sticking your arm inside it hoping to find what you're looking for while you fumble around.  


6. Install a Wire Rack for Cutting Boards

The cabinet doors are often a missed opportunity. Use a wire rack for storing cutting boards on the door rather than laying them on the surface of a cabinet or storing them on the countertop. You can use the cabinet door space for plenty of other items too.


7. Use Risers

Risers in a cabinet will give you the ability to utilize all the headspace. You can put plates on the bottom and install a riser for bowls. You could also use it in a space rack or any cabinet storing plenty of short items.


8. Store Utensils by Use

Most of us have the all-purpose container near the stove packed with a variety of utensils from tongs to spatulas. Nestle a group of smaller containers and separate them out by use and you won’t spend ten minutes trying to find the right tools every time you want to cook pancakes.

Throughout the kitchen, it helps to organize things by use. It helps you when you are cooking to keep track of everything you need.


9. Save Space with Tiered Baskets

Metal Tiered Baskets are usually for fruit, but you can use them to organize snacks or pastries. They also save you a ton of counter space and keep little items from cluttering the surface.


10. Useful Magnets

Refrigerators are often the message board of the home. They are littered with coupons, todos, kids crafts, cards and invitations. A unique way to store your go-to spices is putting them in small jars with magnets and placing them in the refrigerator for quick and easy access. Plus, the magnets are a cute style choice.

After a long weekend of organizing, you might realize it’s time for a deep clean. Don’t get overwhelmed with keeping up with all your household responsibilities. Instead, call us at Custom Maid at (918) 376-4114 we can give a quote on cleaning services.


Tresha McCarty