Cleaning Schedules for 12 Household Linens Revealed

Spring has come and gone, but cleaning is something you should be doing year ‘round. You might think of the dishes, laundry or even vacuuming, but are your linens receiving the same kind of love? 

Each item around the home has different needs (and cleaning schedules). Keep reading to learn the cleaning schedules for 12 household linens and say "ahh" to a sparkling summer home.


1. Bedsheets

Every 1-2 weeks

Bedsheets are susceptible to a different type of wear and tear. Debris, dust, sweat and other things have a tendency to create buildup — resulting in that less than pleasant sheen and smell. If washing weekly, we recommend using warm water to avoid shrinking the fibers. If washing biweekly, opt for hot water to kill germs. And if your sheets are darker hues, wash pillowcases inside out to help preserve their color.


2. Comforters and Duvets

Twice a year

Since the outer layers of bedding don’t receive direct contact, you can launder them less frequently than your sheets. We recommend washing comforters and duvets twice a year, between the two major shifts in seasons. 


3. Pillows

Twice a year

Pillowcases should be washed weekly, protectors once a month and inserts twice a year. Regardless whether the pillow is feathered or synthetic, this keeps bacteria and odors at bay. Most pillows are machine washable, but when in doubt, refer to the care label. Something important to note: make sure they’re fully dry before returning them to bed. This prevents stunts the potential growth of mildew.


4. Bath Towels

Every 3-4 uses

Bath towels are typically made for heavy use (that’s why they’re bulky, yet oh so cozy). The downside, though, is they can begin to smell after a few uses. If your bathroom has poor ventilation, consider these tips to prevent mold. Or, if you have a physically demanding job, feel free to wash your towels more often.


5. Hand Towels

Every 2-3 days

This may seem a bit excessive. But we promise you, it’s for a good reason. Hand towels are usually hung in places with a lot of germs — think the bathroom or kitchen. Another thing to consider is they’re often used by multiple people. Gross, huh?


6. Shower Liners

Every week

Our team at Custom Maid recommends cleaning your shower linens weekly. Similar to hand towels, they’re used daily and have the ability to collect a lot of bacteria. The curtain can be laundered using hot water and detergent. As for the liner, scrub it by hand using 10 parts water and 1 part bleach, letting it fully air dry before reattaching.


7. Bath Mats


How often you clean your bath mat will vary depending on usage. If it’s in a guest bathroom, you probably won’t have to worry about it often. On the other hand, if it’s in a high-traffic area, you’ll probably need to clean it weekly. Before you give out a long sigh, don’t worry. It’s easy to maintain — just throw it in with your bath towels!


8. Dish Towels

Every week

Just like hand towels, dish towels are known for collecting stains (and causing those ghastly odors). If your towels are more decorative, you can get away with washing them monthly. Otherwise, if you’re a bit of a foodie or enjoy hosting dinners, you’ll need to swap them out sooner.


9. Curtains

Twice a year

Curtains are known for collecting odors and dust particles. This becomes a particular issue for those suffering from allergies or asthma. To help both residents and guests breathe a little easier, we suggest washing curtains twice a year. When doing this, be sure to pay special attention to the cleaning directions as some curtains may need to be steamed or dry-cleaned. 

In between washes, you can zap them with a vacuum attachment to quickly remove surface-level particles. As for blinds and window sills, we recommend cleaning them on a monthly basis.


10. Slipcovers

Twice a year

For furniture slipcovers, we recommend cleaning them twice a year. It depends on the fabric whether they’ll need to be dry-cleaned, so once again, refer to the care label. If they’re machine-washable, pretreat any stains, wash in cold water on permanent-press cycle and use the extra rinse setting. Next, place them in the dryer on the gentle setting, remove when fairly dry and let them finish airing out on a rack.


11. Blankets

Every season

Unless you live in a cooler region, you can get away with cleaning fleece and cotton throw blankets seasonally. Wash them on gentle cycle with cold water (twice to prevent any lingering detergent) and finish either with a non-heat setting in the dryer or on the rack to keep from shrinking.


12. Floor Mats, Rugs and Runners

Every week

Even if your home is spotless, chances are you still receive some foot traffic. (See what we did, there?) No matter what you do, dust and dirt have a way of collecting in your rugs and runners. To keep them looking pristine, we suggest giving them a good vacuum each week and deep cleaning them according to their care specifications on a monthly basis. 


How do you keep your home clean on a daily basis? 

What are some issues you’ve run into? Share your stories with us in the comments below! And if you find yourself needing a hand, give our Custom Maid team a call at (918) 376-4114.

Tresha McCarty