10 Tips To Clean Your Bedroom Like A Professional

Here’s the biggest secret: professional cleaning is about details. You may have guests coming to your home or just a few extra hours on your hands. Either way, you are ready to clean your bedrooms like you have never cleaned before. We clean a lot of rooms, and along the way, we have learned a few secrets that we want to share with you. 


1.  Start with decluttering

Too many unnecessary items can make a big room look small, and a small room look tiny. Before you break out the cleaning supplies, consider moving items off the dresser and out of the corners. Instead, store them in a drawer, put them in a closet or throw them away. Keep out only a few decorations and the items you put to use most often. 


2. Wash the windows

Windows offer fresh air and natural light, but they can also make your room look dirty. The secret for spotless, streak-free windows is the right tools. It is important you invest in a good squeegee. Pour your cleaning supplies in a bucket big enough to accommodate a squeegee. Run the solution from top to bottom and around the corners. 


3.  Wash the sheets and the pillows

Go the extra mile before you make the bed. Nothing is more satisfying than climbing into fresh, clean sheets. Make an effort to clean them weekly to prevent any staining from dead skin cells or eliminate body odors. 


4.  Clean the bed

We know sheets get dirty, but it is easy to forget to clean the bed. It is often exposed to the same problems that are on the sheets. It also holds allergens and dust. Cleaning the bed is time-consuming, but it should be completed once a year. 

Begin by removing the mattress pad. Sprinkle baking soda over the surface and let it sit for about 20 minutes. Next, vacuum the mattress. Use a damp sponge and mild household cleaning solution to wipe down the mattress. Finally, let it dry (preferably somewhere with sunlight). 


5.  Remove dust from the baseboards

Professionals keep toothbrushes handy for the detailed work. Dust and dirt like to accumulate on the tops of your baseboards and in the cracks. Grab your old toothbrush and run it over the surface thoroughly at least once a month to prevent excessive build-up and staining on the floorboards. This is the detail that is easy to forget, but it really makes all the difference. 


6.  Dust all the furniture

Furniture and electronics become the perfect resting place for dust and allergens. Your room may look clean until a ray of sunshine highlights all the dirt sitting on the tables and dressers in your room. Grab a microfiber rag and dust from top to bottom. 


7. Vacuum everywhere

After dusting and cleaning the baseboards, grab the vacuum. It is important to vacuum the room horizontally and then again vertically. Vacuuming is not a race. It should be done slowly and methodically to give the vacuum time to pick up debris from below the surface. Use the attachments to get around the baseboards and pick up the dust you just washed off. 


8.  Make the bed

Nothing says clean room like a made bed. Spend time tightening the sheets around the edges and expertly placing the clean pillows. This is really the cherry on top, so don’t skip this step, even if you absolutely hate making your bed. 


9.  Wipe down the doors and doorknobs.

It’s not uncommon to leave dirt on the doorknob and the space around the door that you often touch with your hands. This is especially true if you have children. Sanitizing the doorknobs is also a good way to cut down on the spread of germs in your home. 


10. Smell matters

No matter how clean the room is, if it doesn’t smell clean, it won’t feel clean. Find your favorite smell in a candle or spray. Finish your work with this step and move on to other areas in your home. 


Need to hire professionals to clean your home?

We can help! At Custom Maid we love when our clients are happy and free to focus on what they do best rather than keeping up with clutter. Give us a call at 918-376-4114 to schedule a free estimation. 

Tresha McCarty