The Importance of Using Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Supplies

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With the rise of temperatures and natural disasters, going green has become quite the topic of discussion. Evidence has shown that traditional cleaning products, made from a cocktail of chemicals, can be bad for your health. This has sent homeowners in a tizzy, rethinking what they’re bringing into their homes.

Have you thought about green cleaning but aren’t sure how they’ll stack up? Here are six great reasons illustrating the importance of using environmentally friendly cleaning supplies in your home.


1. A Healthier Family

Conventional cleaning products can contribute to higher air pollution indoors. More specifically, aerosol sprays have shown to increase risk of the developing or worsening asthma symptoms.

These harmful fumes, also known as volatile organic compounds (VOCs), have been associated with a variety of health problems — liver, kidney and central nervous system damage to name a few. 

In comparison, you’ll find that environmentally friendly cleaning supplies won’t harm you, your family or pets. In fact, you’ll notice symptoms like coughing, sneezing, rashes and headaches starting to disappear after switching over to greener products.


2. A Safer Home

Many household supplies are labeled hazardous, flammable or have some sort of warning label on the packaging. When prompted to wear gloves or masks, it’s safe to assume they’re not very safe to surround yourself with.

Many chemicals, like chlorine and ammonia, when mixed together can be dangerous. By opting for environmentally friendly cleaning supplies, you’ll minimize the risk.


3. A Greener Environment 

When you’re using an arsenal of products, harmful products are being realized into the air that you breathe — which is realized on into the environment. Using green-based products helps reduce pollution to the air, waterways and helps minimize the impact on ozone completion.

Another environmental perk? Most green cleaning products are made from recyclable materials, using sustainable manufacturing processes.


4. A Happier Wallet

Another benefit of using environmentally friendly cleaning supplies is that it saves money by reducing an array of products. For example, you tend to use multiple products — each designated to an area of your home.

But, more natural cleaners which use lemon, baking soda and white vinegar and more cost-efficient. Also, with more manufacturers entering the green scene, products are becoming more and more competitively priced with their traditional counterparts.


5. A Calmer Mind

Did you know that government regulations don’t require ingredients to be listed on cleaning products? A less tangible, but equally as valuable perk to environmentally friendly cleaning supplies is that manufacturers make it their policy to be transparent.

In comparison, you won’t receive peace of mind with a typical household cleaner that may only include a handful of ingredients.


A Better Community

Most green cleaning manufactures make social responsibility a pillar of their business. Because of this, quite a few donate a portion of their profits to organizations that encourage social and environmental change.

By investing in products that are green (and for a cause), you’re not only showing your home a little love — but your community too!


As health and environmental concerns continue to rise, it’s important you know that you have several cleaning options out there. By switching out your typical products with environmentally friendly cleaning supplies, you’ll enjoy a happier home, family and environment free from harsh chemicals.


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